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The leasing or ownership of either Commercial or Residential Property can be a complicated and potentially contentious prospect. There are local and state laws which must be complied with when compiling disclosures. Any landlord knows that evicting either commercial or residential lessees is nearly impossible to do without being sued. And homeowners who buy a house in the summer only to find that the roof leaks a few months later when the rains come face a seemingly impossible situation. Trevor Caudle Law Practice can assist you in all of your real property needs.

commercial property owner

Leasing commercial space from a corporate landlord can be a daunting endeavor to even a seasoned company moving into larger space. The process can be even more overwhelming for companies looking to lease space for the first time. Commercial leases are among the most dense and complicated legal documents around. Trevor Caudle has reviewed and negotiated countless commercial leases to ensure that clients are protected and that they fully understand the document before signing. An attorney does not seek to replace a real estate broker in these circumstances, but rather to review the language of the agreement after the terms of the deal have been essentially settled.

residential property owner

Owning a home in today’s economy can mean a number of different things for different people. Some are simply looking to rent from another owner. Such tenants have numerous rights that they may or may not understand. Similarly, you may own an income property that you rent to the public. As a landlord, you need to understand what rights you have in terms of evicting non-paying tenants, rent increases, etc. Finally, if you are buying or selling a home, you must deal with lengthy and complex contracts and documents, disclosures, escrow, etc. Under all such circumstances, a knowledgeable attorney can help ensure a successful transaction.

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