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business owner

In addition to the obvious hurdles Business Owners face in terms of selling their product, satisfying their customers or clients, and paying their office rent, they must also deal with paying taxes, keeping the books, incorporating, entering into contracts and other seemingly extraneous tasks that detract from their primary focus. Trevor Caudle Law Practice can help remove these variables from a Business Owner’s endless list of "to-do's" by explaining and streamlining the process. For example, rather than ignore the Statement of Information reminder you receive from the Secretary of State, why not spend some time with this firm so that you understand why it must be completed and why such things can increase the chance that your endeavor will succeed. Many Business Owners prefer to keep their head in the sand when it comes to these matters, but the alternative - actually understanding and completing these tasks in a timely and inefficient manner - is, in reality, not that difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. See below for some examples of how Trevor Caudle Law Practice has assisted Business Owners.

start up owner

Successfully starting and operating a business in California (and especially in San Francisco) is an extremely difficult and stressful proposition. Experience has taught that you have a better chance at success if you are able to eliminate as many variables as possible. For example, competent legal advice with respect to which, if any, legal entity (corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) you should form eliminates this concern from your mind. Also, how you should formalize your relationship with your new-hires, business partners, shareholders, lenders, etc. are all concerns that can be quickly and easily addressed by an attorney, with minimal cost to you. Commercial leases can be upwards of 30 pages of confusing legalese – should you just blindly sign, or should you have an experienced attorney take a look at the document to ensure that you do not unknowingly sign away all of your rights? By eliminating these and other variables, you are able to focus on the actual activities associated with your company, thereby increasing the probability of success.

restaurant owner

Operating a successful restaurant is perhaps the most challenging business endeavor one can delve into. The margins are especially thin, large staffs are usually required, and the owner is responsible for quarterbacking the entire operation at great personal financial and emotional risk. An attorney can assist in numerous areas: the minefield that is hiring, promoting, demoting and firing employees; applying for a trademark for the restaurant’s name; incorporating a legal entity; dealing with customer incidents and complaints. Due to substantial experience in assisting restaurants with legal matters, I understand that there is not an endless budget for legal fees. Trevor Caudle Law Practice prides itself on being sensitive to the budgets of its clients and therefore strives to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, without sacrificing quality.

general contractors

General Contractors face perhaps the highest probability of being sued of any industry. Employees, owners, and the public all face injury on or near a construction site. Also, General Contractors must deal with customers upset by delays and cost overruns. Often the General Contractor is not to blame for such issues, but nonetheless the job owner will refuse payment. Then the General Contractor is faced with filing mechanic’s liens, foreclosure and ultimately suing their prior clients. It is an exceptionally litigious industry. Trevor Caudle Law Practice is experienced with all aspects of the industry. Attorney Trevor Caudle’s family includes a number of contractors including his father who has been an electrical contractor for nearly 35 years. General Contractors and the legal issues they face are in the blood of this firm.

bad debt collection

Almost all businesses and most people know what it feels like to be owed money by someone who refuses to tender payment. Many people have judgments from Courts of law that have not been satisfied. This firm is experienced with securing payment from reluctant debtors and judgment debtors and can assist you in collecting what you are owed.

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