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Successfully starting and operating a business in California (and especially in San Francisco) is an extremely difficult and stressful proposition. Experience has taught that you have a better chance at success if you are able to eliminate as many variables as possible. For example, competent legal advice with respect to which, if any, legal entity (corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.) you should form eliminates this concern from your mind. Also, how you should formalize your relationship with your new-hires, business partners, shareholders, lenders, etc. are all concerns that can be quickly and easily addressed by an attorney, with minimal cost to you. Commercial leases can be upwards of 30 pages of confusing legalese – should you just blindly sign, or should you have an experienced attorney take a look at the document to ensure that you do not unknowingly sign away all of your rights? By eliminating these and other variables, you are able to focus on the actual activities associated with your company, thereby increasing the probability of success.

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