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Many would argue that the term "intellectual property" was borne of artists. Copyrights and Patents are - at their core - mechanisms to protect invention, innovation, creation for the good of the public. This is done by vesting rights in the creator in order to reward the creator and to encourage future creation. Trevor Caudle Law Practice can assist you in protecting the rights you have in your film, painting, musical composition and the like, and can do so at minimal cost to you. See below for additional examples of the manner in which Trevor Caudle has assisted artists (and others) in protecting their creations.


Whether you have written lyrics to a song, or the musical score behind the tune, you have copyrights that you must protect. Requesting copyright certification from the federal government is a cost-effective way to ensure that no one else can use your music without your permission. The problem is that accurately filling out the application is crucial, and one small mistake will render any certification you received worthless. Trevor Caudle has been applying for copyright registrations for years and can ensure that you protect your composition from unauthorized use.


Screenplays, completed motion pictures, music videos and the like are all protected by US copyright law. In order to effectively enforce your copyright however, you must file an accurate copyright registration application. Things such as the name of the work, and the author as well as when it was created are crucial to ensuring that your rights are protected. New directors also need legal advice when it comes to dealing with distributors and producers – in order to ensure that your best interests are protected.


Newspaper articles, website copy, books, and magazines – essentially any word you write comes with copyright protection. In order to ensure that no one else uses your written word without your authorization, you should seek legal counsel to file for copyright protection. You must also take care when dealing with third parties who want to use your work with permission, as if not done correctly, you could unintentionally give up some or all of your rights in the work.

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